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OoN Wains’ Orchid Excellence Fertiliser – The Original 1 Litre A + 1 Litre B

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Wains’ Orchid Excellence Fertiliser The Original This is a 2 part fertiliser for use on all orchids as well as garden plants etc. It is formulated By Wains’ Orchids who is one of the premimum Orchid growers in this country and has huge success at shows, he strives for Excellence with his orchids not only for the show but also for pot plants, his size of plants and depth to the color of his flowers is attributed to his formula. So if you would like the best for your orchids then you need to use Wains’ Orchid Excellence Fertiliser. It is a 2 part mix in part due to the calcium content, that if in the one bottle would settle out and not be usable to your plants. NPK of the mixed solution is 11:3.5:12 + Mg (2.2%) + Calcium (4.5%) It comes in 2 sizes: 1 litre A + 1 Litre B $25 + Post 2.5 Litres A + 2.5 Litres B $40 + Post Usage is 1ml A + 1ml B to 1 Litre of water, this will give you a strenght of approx 900-950PPM. if using every watering or on a weekly basis then you could dilute further by another 25-30% David originally developed it for his Cyms, but is using it on all his genera, Cym, Zygopetalums, Cattleyas, Oncidiums and there intergenerics as well as all forms of Australian Natives, Dens, Sarco’s, and Dockrillias, as well as Masdavallia’s, Sophronitis, Pluerothallis, Coelogynes as well as many other different genera. All of his plants are grown under the one principle, that they all need to grow and excel in the same area and grow and flower with vigor. They all have to grow under 1 set of conditons and feeding regime, and looking at his results and his displays whether at a show or on the sales table, he leaves them all for dead, and his plants stand out head and shoulders above others, now others can try and emulate his results with Wains’ Orchid Excellence Fertiliser – The Original. Uufortunaltely these cannot be combined with orchids as boxes for posting are suited to the bottle sizes and the weight would damage plants.

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