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OoN Stanhopea ?? X.I.5 species orchid (100mm pot) (xytriophora)

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Stanhopea xytriophora ??? (definitely not)

this was what I was supposed to have bought then it only had this tag on the plant, (X.I.S or X.I.5) and due to our relocation and subsequent minus 4’s and 5’s and the frosts that came with those temps, I nearly lost the plant, and have now got it back into flowering size plants, which flowered for the 1st time last year, so now hoping someone maybe able to help identify it and confirm the name either way. This maybe a tigrina, with some interesting color patterns on the horns.

The plant on offer is that shown in the plant photos and is a 100mm pot.

the flower photo is of what this has flowered as last year.

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