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OoN Cymbidium Orchid Eye of the Tiger ‘Peloric Balboa’ 68mm Pots

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Cym Eye of the Tiger ‘(Peloric) Balboa’ This is a great miniature flowering plant that is very sought after for it spike habit, and very striking flowers. These were cloned form our Peloric marked plant, but since then we have found that the main plant does not flower true Peloric each year and varies with some years no markings, So they are being sold as possible Pelorics. Even without the markings it is a very stunning plant with its very colorful flowers. (normal form shown in 1st pic as lost org Peloric photo) The plant on offer is in a 68mm pot and is similar to those shown in the plant photos which show some of the variations in size. These make a good addition to any collection whether you are growing for the show bench or just for pleasure this is a very desirable plant especially for those who do not like the big plants.

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