Orchid Excellence Fertiliser

Orchid Excellence Fertiliser

Wains’ Orchid Excellence – The Original Formulation. Developed by One of Australia’s Orchid Experts, David Wain.

Welcome to Wains’ Orchid Excellence, for those striving to get the best out of there orchids. When only the best will do. Use the original Orchid Excellence as formulated by David Wain of Wains’ Orchids. This was previously being sold by David for many years, and then being distributed by Alex Christou since 2014, In 2018, Alex decided to go it alone and has now changed the product and formulation, BUT not the name. So if you are interested in the TRUE, Original Orchid Excellence, please contact me here.  Cheers, Stephen Stebbing. Orchids on Newbold. David Wain’s agent for Orchid Excellence.

Orchid Excellence is a 2 part mix A+B, specially formulated to grow those prize winning plants. It has added calcium, hence the 2 parts and chelated trace elements, so that your plants get the best nutrition from the food available.

This fertiliser has been designed, manufactured and used exclusively by Wains’ Orchids. To provide a COMPLETE fertiliser it needs to be produced with a two part mix, which is suitable for ALL genera. Over the years Wain’s Orchids have had many orchids awarded and won many shows with their healthy, well grown plants.

Wains’ Orchid Excellence is available from a limited nos of Australia’s Orchid Experts.

Suppliers who are selling the Original formulation as made by David Wain are -:

Orchids on Newbold

Wains’ Orchids  https://www.wainsorchids.com.au/

Bellarine Orchid Farm   2032/2044 Portarlington Rd, Drysdale VIC 3222  http://www.bellarineorchidfarm.com.au/


Warringal Orchid Society

Maribrynong Orchid Society


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