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Over the last few years, I have been getting a good collection of Coelogynes from a long time customer and friend, Kevin Dawes. Kevin, has done a lot of work with hybridising the Coelogyne genus over the last two decades, and has bought us the Kirribilli line of hybrids, and when he was relocating from Canberra down to Batemans Bay and down sizing he offered me his collection, which I ahve been slowly releasing some of this new and exciting hybrids out into the orchid fraternity. I have also been trying to hybridize the 2nd generation of Coelogyne hybrids following on from where Kevin finished. The other week in discussions with Kevin over the identity of a hybrid that I had flowered, the discussion turned to some more plants being availble, so I called by to catch up with Kevin and his wife Megan and loaded up teh van with some more plants, quite a few of them specimum plants with flowers or spikes on them, and since I got them home have been doing some more breeding and have more planned as the spikes turn into flowers over the next month or two.

For more info on these amazing Coelogyne hybrids, please visit Kevins website, and have a good look around.


As Kevin and myself have discussed over the years Coelogynes do like water and also cool roots, and as can be seen in a couple of the photos, the root growth on the plants when the original pot was placed just sitting in a saucer pot, is just amazing. I prefer to pot mine directly into 200mm saucerless pots and have achieved great results in doing so. It was the only way I could get Coelogyne Kirribilli Marie to grow and flower for me here in Stanhope, as we grow everything stone cold and get down to sub zero temps in winter. This particular hybrid in more of a warm grower, but if the conditions are good, then they can adjust happily.


   A very bright and airy glasshouse.

    Kevin passing over some of the specimum breeding plants.

   a very happy root system with the black pot just sat inside the other pot, keeps the roots cooler and retains more moisture.






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