2020 March Flask List – Pre-Order List

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We have our 1st shipment of Flasks due in on 18th March, so we have compiled a list for those who may want to pre-order as some flasks are very limited.


If you would like the list emailed to you please use the contact me button or email me at The PDF file has pics attached.


Code Other Code Genus Registered Name Pod Parent Pollen Parent Qty 4 Sale Order
M 027 Cattleya Clones  (Sc Love Hero x Pot Free Spirit) ‘Anna’ 9 $80
4201 nice Std Pinks Cymbidium Clones Flaming Vulcan ‘Gift’ 8 $80
Cattleya Clones ((Pot Dals Moon x (Lavender Ice x Sc Beaufort))  ‘Sang Mo’ 16 $80
3903 Cymbidium Clones Ken Gorey ‘Delightful’ 4 $80
4050 Cymbidium Clones Miss Muffet ‘Black Emerald’ 4 $80
4210 Cymbidium Clones Jungle Odyssey ‘Tiger Stripe’ 2 $80
Seedlings Below
Dockrillia GD1719 Duffy x Grumpy ‘George’ 4 $60
4916 GD1719 Dockrillia GD1808 Waverley Splendour teretifolia ‘Swans Yellow’ x Aust Sunblessed ‘Peter’ 1 $60
4919 GD1808 Dockrillia GD 1811 Cenchrias fairfaxii x Grumpy ‘George’ 7 $60
4920 GD1811 Dockrillia GD 1812 Cenchrias Grumpy ‘George’ x fairfaxii 1 $60
4921 GD1812 Dockrillia GD 1813 Grumpy ‘George’ x Sp aff calamiformis ‘Mt Lewis’ 7 $60
4928 GD1813 Dockrillia GD 1820 Amphion Charm Grumpy ‘George’ x Jake Noah 3 $60
4930 GD1820 Dockrillia GD 1822 Amphion Belle dolichophylla x Hot and Grumpy ‘First’ 6 $60
Flasks these are 40 plants Approx per FLASK
Freight cost is dependant on Qty and destination.
1 Flask is $14 post and approx $4 per extra Flask. Large orders please ask.
Availability 1st come basis, so email back list for time stamp.
Payment with order confirmation back to you. Payment can be made via Direct Deposit, Credit card.
Questions Please give me a ring on 0412 352 604
Your Details Please include your Address and details in the email with a copy of the order.
If you would like to be put onto our flask list please email me at

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