we are Specialist Cool growing Exotic and Australian Native Orchid supplier.

Orchids on Newbold is a family run business in Stanhope in Central Victoria and we specialize in cool growing Orchid Genera, with our main focus on Australian Native orchids, Dendrobiums, Sarcochilus, Dockrillias, as well as the ever popular Cymbidium genera, both species and hybrids, as well as Cattleya's and Stanhopea's.

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OoN Cymbidium Orchid Pure Sarah ‘Snowball’ M1042/3405 85mm SLC


OoN Cymbidium Orchid Tuffet ‘Kathy’ (M3900) Pendulous spikes 68mm pot


OoN Dockrillia cucumerina Species Orchid assorted mounts


OoN Min / Max thermometers, suitable for your Orchid house or greenhouse


OoN Dockrillia Orchid linguiforme Species Orchid Mid size HW Mount (G)


OoN Cattleya orchid Lawranna Sunset ‘SangMo’ 40 plant flask (4385) Mericlones


OoN Cymbidium Orchid Sarah Jean ‘Helen’ (M3403) The Red Sarah Jean 68mm pot


OoN Cymbidium Orchid (Pied Piper x Cricket)’NB HoustonSt’ 200mm HB InSPIKE


OoN Cymbidium Orchid Newbold Music ‘Gonmuen’ M3902 (68mm pot)


OoN Sarcochilus falcatus Conjola Area orchid Flowering Size, Mounted


OoN Coelogyne fimbriata ‘Delightful’ species orchid Mounted 150x100mm TreeFern Raft

OoN Dendrobium Orchid Kuringal x tetragonum IN SPIKE 100mm pot

OoN Dockrillia GD 1719 Duffy x Grumpy ‘George’ orchid 40mm P 4775

OoN Cattleya Orchid Lc Tokyo Magic x Soph coccinea 100mm pot (SJS-02)

OoN Dendrobium Orchid 3046 Newbold Rose 80P IN SPIKE x4. 1st Flowering

OoN Orchid secateurs, garden cutters, fruit pruning shears. Rose’s, Bromeliads

OoN Min / Max thermometers, suitable for your Orchid house or greenhouse

OoN Coelogyne triplicatula / ovalis 'Green' species orchid (200mm hanging Pot)

OoN Cymbidium Orchid species hookerianum ‘Ray Smith’ 125mm pot NFS

OoN Coelogyne Unchained Melody orchid 100mm Pots FS

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