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Site Web Address Description
Orchids on Newbold http://stores.ebay.com.au/orchidsonnewbold eBay store
ANOS (Vic) http://www.anosvic.org.au Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria)
AOC http://www.orchidsaustralia.com/ Australian Orchid Council
AOF http://www.australianorchidfoundation.org.au Australian Orchid Foundation
AOR http://australianorchidreview.com.au/ Australian Orchid Review Magazine
CCA (NSW) http://www.ccansw.com.au/ Cymbidium Club of Australia (NSW)
Bush Orchids http://www.bushorchids.co.uk/ Kelvin Bush: Stanhopea Info
Dark Star Orchids http://www.darkstarorchids.com.au supplier of rare and exotic orchid species
Flowershots http://www.flowershots.net Ron Parson's Species Photos
Orchidaceous Books http://www.orchidaceousbooks.com.au Suppliers of fine orchid literature
Orchidaceous Supplies http://www.orchidaceousbooks.com.au Orchid accessories and supplies
Orchid Species Plus http://www.orchidspeciesplus.com.au Species Orchid Nursery
Orchid Wiz Encyclopedia http://www.orchidwiz.com Orchid Database Software
OSCOV http://www.oscov.asn.au/ Orchid Societies Council of Victoria
Rosella Orchids http://www.rosellaorchids.com/ Specialists in high quality Cattleya Orchids
The Orchid Tray Company http://www.orchidtrays.com.au/ Orchid accessories for orchid enthusiasts
The Stanhopea Pages http://stanhopea.autrevie.com/ Nina Rach: Stanhopea Info
Darteks Pty Ltd http://www.darteks.com.au Designers of web sites and custom software

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Postal:303 Morrissey Rd,           
Stanhope Vic 3623
eBay Store: OrchidsOnNewbold
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